Officer James Morrison, CRA

Anne about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Officer James Morrison. From various 613 (area code) numbers. I have blocked several of them. They keep calling.

vmistry about Officer James Morrison, CRA


I received a call from officer James Morrison about CRA agency and I or my attorney had to call him back otherwise it is good luck to me.

Elise about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Man with South Asian accent calls several times claiming to be a police officer on behalf of the CRA. They go on to demand the call be returned either by yourself or your attorney, and that failure to do so will result in things "going badly for you". I believe it's a recorded message as I've received the exact same one on more than one occasion and on various phones.

Wyatt about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Received the call 613 616 2991 .. called back and tried to talk however I guess he knew I wasn’t falling for it and blocked me from trying to keep calling .. pretended to be CRA officer James Morrison

sher about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Officer James Morrison said that I had to call him back at 613-616-2991, not to ignore him, either myself of my attorney need to call or good luck to me. His thick accent is a dead giveaway!!

Eloise about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Today's number is 587.671.1588

Eloise about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Update: Now using the name Paul Murphy, who is a real CRA employee. Using it so that people will see that name when they google it and think that the call is legitimate.

Chris about Officer James Morrison, CRA


call from 613-616-2991 Rideau Lakes. Officer James Morrison wasn't in a very good mood today. I'll try calling back around midnite

Eloise about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Today's phone number of choice was 647.957.2211. The message said that I was in trouble with the government and I would need a lawyer. Good idea. I'll bring it up at tomorrow's office meeting. Everyone in this office is a lawyer, and we all work for the government.

Matt about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Received a call from them yesterday on a work phone that is not registered to my name or any personal info. Called them back. Claimed to be the CRA, asked to speak to his manager and he hung up. Called back, claimed to be from a dept collection service. Asked how he got my information and he hung up. Called back once more, asked for the manager and he put his wife on the phone. Asked them why they do this type of thing when its very clearly a scam and why they are trying to ruin peoples lives. Told them I was going to be calling the police on them, to the response of "I'll kill you, you Mother F***er, don't ever talk to my wife again, I'm going to kill you, you Mother F***er."

So yea, its a pretty big scam, don't fall for this crap.

Mike Oxm about Officer James Morrison, CRA


It's all over the internet. I got the same call, I called them back, and person answered that spoke much better english than officer Morrison. Said he was from a criminal investigations unit, so I asked him why I got the phone call, I told him some Indian guy named Officer James Morrison had left a very hard to understand heavily accented message on my phone. He Lost It!!! Best call back I've ever made. I keep calling them back but the blocked my phone. Sad day.

Danielle about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Officer James Morris 647-383-2333. I didn't answer my cell because I didn't recognize the number. The voice mail left said (in an Indian accent) that he was Officer James Morris and that I needed to call him back. He threatened to not ignore his call or I would be arrested. When I googled the number, I found this site with many other "threats" from this idiot. Come get me, Office Morris. I dare you.

Tee about Officer James Morrison, CRA


This man called me as well today! I called the number back to give him a piece of my mind, but no answer both times!
This is awful that this happens to innocent people!

Kimo about Officer James Morrison, CRA


If this guys name is "James Morrison", then my name is Betty Crocker! By the way, he used the lead singer of the Doors name as his fake name?
I called this twerp back twice and the second time he yelled at me and told me to "just try and stop us".
What a bunch of pathetic turds. Sad, sad thing is that some poor elderly folks are probably panicking and falling for it, sending their hard earned money to who knows where.

Rick about Officer James Morrison, CRA


The so-called Officer James Morrison called me also. I didn't answer the phone because I was unfamiliar with the number (I don't get many calls). He left a message about me calling him back. What an idiot to think his accent and name mismatch would even fool anyone! I added his number (613-927-9726) to my rejection list.

Will about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Same here 6139279726 “officer” James Morrison needed me to call him or I would be arrested! My first thought was there is no was this guys name is janes lol. Scam

Steevie about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Some ass hat from India decided I was in trouble. If he was going to go through this much trouble to get me to actually call back instead of laugh my ass off he should of at least used a Punjub name hahah James Morrison ahhhh still funny! 1-613-927-9726

Vivian J about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Officer Morrison with a bad Indian accent left a message saying that if I didn't call him back he would arrest me Said I urgently needed to call him back and I needed a lawyer,

Anna about Officer James Morrison, CRA


Office James Morrison in india (I am located in Canada)!!!!- 1-844-801-9243 called my phone, Same thing that it is urgent and to get a lawyer if I do not return the call! Reported

Joe about Officer James Morrison, CRA


A man, probably from Sri Lanka or somewhere around, bad accent, threatening to call him back or bla bla bla. SCAM
Reported already!

CraigW about Officer James Morrison, CRA


SCAM 6135196464 ! A man left a message threatening to have me arrested if I don't go ahead and call the CRA at 613-519-6464 He had a very ungainly accent.. Asian man

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