Threatening Message

Hesrh about IRS tax scam and threat

Voice message left to call 657-346-4074 to reach the IRS to discuss tax issue. Failure to call would lead to prosecution!

Alice ca about 406-686-1817

Was asked to call 406-686-1817 because there is a tax office claim on me. Sounded like threat of legal prosecution by the IRS

Alia about Attorney Robert Kent

I was called by someone who said I have payments to be made to the Tax department and I have to call this Attorney Robert Kent (713-239-3492) to resolve the matter or I will be arrested! Oh my! This is scary!

Danielle about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Officer James Morris 647-383-2333. I didn't answer my cell because I didn't recognize the number. The voice mail left said (in an Indian accent) that he was Officer James Morris and that I needed to call him back. He threatened to not ignore his call or I would be arrested. When I googled the number, I found this site with many other "threats" from this idiot. Come get me, Office Morris. I dare you.

Kimo about Officer James Morrison, CRA

If this guys name is "James Morrison", then my name is Betty Crocker! By the way, he used the lead singer of the Doors name as his fake name?
I called this twerp back twice and the second time he yelled at me and told me to "just try and stop us".
What a bunch of pathetic turds. Sad, sad thing is that some poor elderly folks are probably panicking and falling for it, sending their hard earned money to who knows where.

Hovell about [email protected]

Text message providing link to read more about legal charges against my name. Demands that I contact them and “settle” cash owed to some company I have never heard of. Reads like one of those poorly drafted Nigerian scams. Attorney Roger Miller! FO! And the email ID given is [email protected]

Ash about 0280058286

Asian scammer said he is calling from the Australian Tax Office. He said I need to pay some back taxes. I told him to send a letter so that I can take it to my tax advisor. He hung up!


News & Updates

FCC's stand on unwanted text messages

It’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial email messages to wireless devices. The messages may promise free gifts or cheap services. Scam artists posing as Govt agencies could send messages threatening action unless money is paid. Spam texts can contain phishing links designed to steal personal info or may infect user's phone.

2017-11-19 00:55:13

Millions lost each year - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, citizens lose millions of dollars, each year, by responding fraudulent text messages. Scammers use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing personal or financial information

2017-11-18 22:40:22

In Australia, ACMA handles actions on spam SMS messages

Report spam SMS to ACMA by forwarding to 0429 999 888. If you have a grievance about a specific SMS message, submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180.

2017-11-18 22:27:50

Stopping Spam SMS Messages - UK

Organizations must only send marketing text messages to individuals, if they have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship. Forward spam SMS messages to 7726 for the network operator to act.

2017-11-18 22:03:32


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