LM about 55702

Account Alert : You have 4,205 in funds are ready for E-SIGN. Click Here: http://370.bz/3/08CK-17L0L1 Text STOP to end.





Ron Hyde about MLBB-45824S2

Find Your Warrant Copy: MLBB-45824S2 will be going to release

This is last chance for you, to hold this Case File you must submit a minimum payment of $600.00

Mariam about 1-410-200-506

Received call today from this number 1 (410) 200-506
FRM: Rosenberg Evie

Elena about 447410681393

I get weekly text messages saying 'Tracy, it's Mia from Cash Kitty, your loan has been APPROVED' - My name is not Tracy and I've never applied for a loan before!!!!

Scottgor about HQE*PAID-ME.COM

????????, ?? ???????? ???????? ????????????? ???????? ??????????????? ???, ??? ? ??????? ?????? ????????? ? ?????????? ????????? ? ???????? ????????. ????, ????????, ? ???? ????? ???????????? ? ?????/??????? ????????? ??????????? ????????? ????? ?? ? ??????? ???????????? ????????? ???? ??? ???, ??? ????? ???????? ??? ???? ??????????? ? ?????? ?????????, ? ??? ????????? ??????????? ? ?????? ???? ? ??????? ??????????? ? ????????????? ????????????? ??????????? ????? ???? ????????? ???,? ????????? ??????????? ?????( ? 1 ????) ???????? ??? ?????? ???????. ?????? ? 5 ????? ??????? ??????(??) ???????? ???????????? ?? ?????? ??????????? ??????????? ???????????, ????????? ?? ????, ???? ????, ?? ? ???????????? ??????????????? ????????? ??????? ?????????. ?????? ????????????????? ????????? ???????? ???????????, ?????????? ?? ? ??????? ????????? ? ????. ?????????????? ??????? - ??? ??????? ??? ??????????? ????? ????? ? ??????????? ???? ? / ??? ?????,??? ???.
?????? ????? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ?? ????????????? ???????????????, ??? ???? ???????? ????????? ? ???????????, ? ??????, ????: " ??? ????? ??? ????????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???????. " ??? ??????, ??? ??? ??????? ??????, ?????? ??????????, ??? ??? ?? ????? ???????. " ??????? ???????? ??-?? ????, ??? ?? ?????????????. " ??? ??????? ????????? ?????? ????, ?????? ?????? ??????? ????? ????????.
????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ? ????????? ????. ???????? ?????? ???, ?????????? ?? ??????? ???????, ? ?? ??????? ??????.

??????? ????????

Mtaslima about VK-RBISAY

ulsterbnk@europe.com give me many my account 1.4milions dollar us

Amy about Uber Code

Your Uber vide: 5995. Reply stop to +3362 to unsubscribe

David about marketfirmdelivery@researchforces.org

Sent me bogus cashier's check, and wanted me to buy three gift cards at different Wal-Mart stores. Then I was to e-mail them photos of both sides of these gift cards. I checked the check out, and even called the Columbia State Bank. Somehow, they had the right routing number, but it was in the wrong place, and the account number they used did not exist. I'm just saving it to show as an example of the kind of scams that are out there. I did write VOID across the check. Lesson Learned? What would you say? Ha Ha Ha, I hope they spent some money overnighting it through UPS.

Andrew about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I Do Not Recall Using This Company Or Even Signing Up For Anything With Them. Never Heard Of Them Yet They Have Been Charging Me $39.90 For The Past 7Months.. I’ve Reported This To Ny Bank 3 Times Already Causing Me To Have To Get A New Debit Card Each Time. Yet They Still Continue To STEAL My Money.. Any Advice On How To Get These Thieves To STOP Without Having To Open A New Account?

G about Gfw*3 Gldscr.Com

Never heard of this company and definitely never signed up for any services. They started deducting 39.90 monthly for a "subscription'. Somehow they were able to get my new credit card number even after the first charge was flagged as suspicious. I reported (again) to credit card company and luckily the company agreed it was unauthorized and refunded my account. Advise immediately calling bank if you see this company name or amount on a statement.

rick zys about Bank Scam

Check for 2000 deposit in bank for You LOL

Angela about 410100002

Your CHASE CARD ********* services are suspended! http://jmjaey.com

Kanaram about 53969


Rick about Facebook alert and I don’t have a FB

MSG:Today, 25th of July, All Facebook users are required to reconfirm their account: http://m.facebook.com-try-6158950749.lineascreativas.com

Cliff about 55702 Spam

E-Sign Priority: Don't Miss Out. Confirm Your Transfer. You Still Have Time. Click Here: http://370.bz/3/04E9-12C27F P.S. Time Sensitive Offer.

melo0031 about IMO. Lets Video Chat on imo spam


Joy timu about GOOGLE PROMO ASIA

Ur mobile NO has WON 500, 000/GBP & apple laptop in the COCA - COLA COMPANY UK LIVE PROMO 2019 :

TUKUNUJE about tukunujena123@gamil.com


Cathy about CASE NO: FGTM-98524L2


Find Your Warrant Copy: MLBB-45824S2 will be going to release

This is last chance for you, to hold this Case File you must submit a minimum payment of $800.00

This Legal Proceeding will be issued on your Docket Number DL-20731642 with one of Cash Advance Inc. Company to let you know that after making calls on your phone number, we were unable to reach out to you. So, the account's department of Cash Advance has decided to mark this case as a Flat Refusal and press Legal Charges against you.


Amount Outstanding: $1300.00

We have sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings but you failed to respond on time now. If you failed to respond in next 4 HOURS, we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning. And we will be Emailing/ Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict against you. Your salary wages will we garnished.

Do revert if you want to get rid of these legal consequences and make payment arrangement today or else we will be proceeding legally against you and this notification will also be sent to your current employer. The opportunity to take care of this voluntarily is quickly coming to an end. I regret to advise that unless payment is received before end of this week this invoice will be passed over to our legal authority. This could seriously affect your credit rating, so I urge you contact us immediately to make payment or arrange an alternative before this date.

You can email back to get the payment mode:cashadvancedebttsolution22@gmail.com

We will be forced to go ahead legally against you and once it proceeds to the Court House, the creditor has entire rights to tell your employer and your references about this issue and the lawsuit will be the next step which will be amounting to $6700.00 and will be totally levied upon excluding your attorney charges. If you take care of this matter out of court, then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and make sure that no one will contact you in the future.
Please let us know of your intention by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will send the paperwork to your local county sheriff department and you will we served by court summons at your door step.
Hereby, we inform you that we have 17 kinds of technical proof against you to prove that you are guilty and committed the following frauds.

1. Violation of Federal Banking Regulation.

2. Collateral Check Fraud

3. Theft by Deception

4. Electronic Fund Transfer Fraud.

Steve about forrester marketfirmdelivery@research@re

Lucky for me, I checked this group out. I received instruction sheet and $2000 check. It seemed so real, I first thought it was. Bad news.

John about 1-410-200-506 Wells Fargo CIP Message

FRM: Walmart Customer Loyalty Gift MSG:... Http://wykym0.com/ifpvr
Got a text and when I call the number it is not available or disconnected. Scam. Do not click on the link

Halei about 580-229-3737

I’m being billed $39.91 and I have never used this

teracota about 09154979106

mahal qng aiza

Chris about 91949

Hi! Stacy here from EasyLend. Your new offer is ready! Select up to 10K Wire. See Here: http://sfs4.co/UU7Rydj Thank you.

We need better laws so these people can be prosecuted.

SRL about Molly from Apple Inc

Molly from Apple saying "suspicious activity in my Icloud account"...FIVE calls in about three hours!

I don't have Apple....

KATHRYN about Kathrynmross@yahoo.com

Yall keep trying to take money out of my account and right now I am missing money I don't know what this is or what company this is but I'm sick of it yall need to refund me my money ASAP

Shakir about VK-KARFCS

Your RC: HAS14111013 has been issued October month ration for the total Rs.38 i.e. Rice:28 kgs(free),Wheat:0 kgs(free),Ragi:0 kgs(free),Jowar:0 kgs(free),Sugar:0kg(Rs.15),Poil:0ltr(Rs.25),Salt:0kg(Rs.2),Dal:kg(Rs.38)

Bhagyash about VD-VFCARE

Text messages not send

Becca about adarren727@gmail.com

Now into the pet scam business. This guy will send you a bogus cashier's check for his purchase including the $$ for his arranged shippers. He will ask you to pay the shippers via MoneyGram. You will be dumb enough to do it. His fake check will bounce. You will lose your money. if you manage to not to lose all of it he will threaten you via continuous messages, etc. Moneygram names = Andrew Gregory and Gregory Smith (Pittsburgh PA). Additional email KennJackson37@gmail.com

jackson about fordj@2046@gmail.com

received an email from fordj@2046@gmail.com they where saying it was urgent to contact them, not to ignore. In the long run, they had a fake cancer story blah blah blah, 2 million bucks later. I didn't bite. I told this person they're a scammer an should be ashamed of themselves using a cancer story and that I have reported them. So beware.

Mig about CRSCR.com

Their product is bogus. The while Walmart gift card is bull shit. They FRAUDELENTLY charge my credit card now they will reap what they have sowed. Stay away from them

Sharon W about skwparalegal1@gmail.com

This is a company that participates in fraudulent activities. When you call the number you get put on hold for an hour and then you speak too someone who is either rude or does not speak English. I never authorized this and now they won't give my money back!

Karina about Your TDS Payment of 70,000

A deposit which is protected by TDS needs your attention. Please click https://goo.gl/hD62ra to activate your account. Activation code: Mi41NjI4Ggg

Chole about 3046787743

Took 39.95 yesterday morning. No permission I never use my card on the internet. Just for reasons like this. I want my $$ back can't even cancel the request. BS

srehman about 12819784434 /shagorrahmanuk@gmail.com/go

get google verifictaion email

Sexy Pri about Vzwpix.com

You like 69???
Let's chat on phone, {(434)_460_4958} text me ...
Get nude pic and real number.....

Cecilia about Nuhydrate Free Trial Offer

Same story as Jessica.Nuhydrate is a total scam using Joanna Gaines as a come on. Please don't fall for it.

Julia about Kehoe Financial Group

They created a fake bank check and stole $1300 out of my business bank account. I still don’t know how they got the account number.

Aida about 60182122399

Received this sms in Malaysia. SKYLINK FINANCIAL GLOBAL RESOURCE BUSINESS LOAN up to ~ RM5000-RM500,0000 PROJECT FUNDED up to ~100,000,00 MBB RHB HLB recommend customer can take 10% commission

Gary B about Usdebtsolutions.org

CASE FILE #: HA5 -3265301

DUE AMOUNT-$997.77

Respective Debtor,

This is to inform you, that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within a couple of days. Your S.S.N is put on hold by the US Federal Government, so before the case, if filed we would like to notify you about this matter.

It seems apparent that you have chosen to ignore all our efforts to contact you in order to resolve your case. At this point, you have made your intentions clear and have left us no choice but to protect our interest in this matter. Now this means a few things for you, if you are under any state probation or payroll we need you to inform your manager/Concerned HR department about what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been downloaded and executed in your name.

Now, FTC is pressing charges against you regarding 3 serious allegations:

1. Violation of federal banking regulation act 1983 (C)

2. Collateral check fraud

3. Theft by deception (ACT 21 A)

If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of the date on this letter, we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our company Attorney. We reserve the right to commence litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a total outstanding amount committed to, by use of the internet. In addition, we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due, as well as legal fees and any court cost incurred.

WE CARRY ALL THE RIGHTS RESERVED TO INFORM TO FBI, FTC YOUR EMPLOYER AND BANK ABOUT FRAUD. And once you are found guilty in the courthouse, then you have to breathe entire cost of this lawsuit which totals to $13,428.15, excluding amount you borrow, attorney's fee & the interest charges. You have the right to hire an attorney. If you don't have or can't afford one then the court will appoint one for you.

If you are looking to resolve this matter then kindly respond back on Citizencrimecommission.nyc@gmail.com and speak to "Officer Brian Rosner" to resolve this issue ASAP.?

Thanks and Regards

Karen Miller

Jain about VKHDFCBK

I got an SMS without interacting with HDFC Bank giving an OTP asking to create ATMPIN! This is FRAUD.

"One Time Password (OTP) for debit card ending 6523 is 367796. Pls use this OTP at HDFC Bank ATM (language selection screen) to create your ATM PIN before 05Jan19"

Balintoy about Malaysia Travel Anniversary Prize scam

2nd prize $200000AUD. Apparently received in error. Claim to make exception with approval from sponsor who is http://www.amandaaidenholdings.com/english_version/index.html
Just have to transfer $4K to allow transfer of funds if you sign NDA. Kenny Lim Kenny.Lim@hotspring travelling, bunch of crooks.

Mitch about 12819784434

It was a robotic call trying to tell me I could make 10K per week by doing some "work at home" tasks. Certainly a scam to get you to pay an advance for the bogus "instruction" kits!

Craig about WC Budget Savers

US$24.95 scammed off my credit card. I don't know who WC Budget Savers are. This is pure evil.

Bust about Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

Bogus offer! Beware!! "You are now eligible for 0% financing. Press 1 to activate it. This offer is only available for the next ten minutes."

Jonnatha about UK Loan Scams

I got a similar one from NO DELAY CASH. Dont know whether this is legitimate. Most unlikely. You may end up losing money instead of getting a loan!

" http://m.nodelaycash.co.uk/5UnKKx1C Loans upto £2000, payable over 1 to 36 months with NO UPFRONT FEES "

Agnus about $1000 Walmart Shopping Card

Text message received from 954-736-9304 . This was about a free Walmart shopping Card. All of US$1,000! And provided a bogus link to click to "claim" your gift card.

Special Alert Agnus! Dear Valued WalMart Customer, U just won a no cost 1000 USD worth of Shopping GiftCard. Get now at th2i.us/winn

Chuck about 347-305-6225 IRS Tax scam

Wanted me to call back 206-279-8769 to discuss issues related to my tax filing. And if I dont call them, I will face "consequences"! SCAM! Dont call back. Not the IRS.

Lindsey about Tryketocomplete.com

I ordered a product for a free trial. I was to be charged only $4.95 s&H. But they went on to hit me with $89.95 after 4 weeks. No response from them at all. Does anyone know how to cancel and get out of this mess?

Nick about Funifshop.com

I saw their ad on Facebook for a Adidas Yeezy 700 waverunner. Price was good and I ordered. But I received a fake adidas product after 3 weeks. Since then have not been able to get them to send me a return address neither am I getting a refund. This is scam.

Knight about 68829

This seem to be a popular scam. I got the same SMS today reported by ThomaS. The link to click was http://uq4.one/3HeOwK. Don't click! Virus! Take care!

Prince about 81-3-4579-0656

Fake job offer! Beware!! From: voloshinavb@liotech.ru ATTN:

Hitachi Tokyo Iron & Steel Ltd would like to offer you an opportunity to represent our company in areas of accounting and finance. We believe your expertise would be very useful in moving our projects in a right direction and possibly grow our business frontiers. Please let us know if you would be interested in learning more, because our company is looking for capable hands to work with as our foreign business representative.

It would be a great pleasure to hear from you.

Best regards.

Gorou Takeshi
Hitachi Tokyo Iron & Steel Ltd
Hitachi Omori 2nd Building
Minami-Oi, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo, 140-8573, Japan
Tel: +81-3-4579-0656
Fax: +81-3-4579-0600

Lalit about Veifi, Supsup, Dong,

I too am getting these spam mails with subject as Verifi, Supsup, Dong. The from field is Google, Facebook, Superman, Greymore etc!

NickyM about 832-210-1322

I received a text saying I have unclaimed medicare benefits. And to contact them. Suspected scam!

Drock about 12402758825

Sent me this message with a dangerous virus link to view. Fido text fraud. " 14530 bk (10001) FID0-MSG You have received a payment! See : View the link above for details. Opt-out send STOP "

Wally about Your social security is suspended

Left message asking to call 347-809-3468 stating my social is suspended and a legal claim is initiated! Weird! Decided to ignore this one.

Julian about IRS tax scam and threat

Voicemail from 610-973-5102. I will be arrested it says if I dont call them and settle a tax claim by the IRS. FRAUD!

CooperMa about Bureau of Credits

530-402-8852 called. Recorded voice. Sounded like "Bureau of Credits" ...wanted me to admit I owe money on an unidentified loan! Trash! Blocked this number!

Durian about 860-516-6266 Fake Back Brace Offer

Got a similar offer for free back brace provided I share medicare information!! The call came from 337-545-5943

Rakesh about Missed Call Fraud 22364470489

I got multiple missed calls. Two or three rings and it stops. This must be some scam. Prompting people to call back??? Looks like an international number +22364470489

DSummers about DVLA https://dvla.company

DVLA messaging to tell you about refund of excess tax paid! Want you to go to a scam website https://dvla.company posing as DVLA!

Pat about YW8203 gbsm@gmx.ch

gbsm@gmx.ch? Got this shitty message! "GoodNews! Your Mobile Number Won £486000GBP Samsung UK/MALAYSIA Promo Draw. To Validate & Claim Prize EMAIL us. Your Winning Unique ID: YW8203; Name; Address and Telephone number to: gbsm@gmx.ch"

Andy Mar about FRG*NFLSHOP.COM 8776357467

I found this scam charge on my credit card statement. $59 stolen and it appears as FRG*NFLSHOP.COM 8776357467 FL. I havent shopped online for a month!


Email with attachment loaded with Virus!

Dear Customer,

Thanks for using DHL Delivery
DHL Airwaybill NO: 435450811
Origin: CHINA

What is attached?
This email contains the following attachments:
· 1 set of DHL transport label and document of the consignment note.
· 1 shipment receipt.
· 4 customs invoices (only if requested).

Access the shipping documents?
Kindly find attached shipping documents.

Thanks for shipping with DHL

Redd about 208-321-3622 fake Debt Collector

I was called and told to pay up a medical bill which was not mine! I don't keep any bills unpaid for long. This call is a scam. Hang up if they call you!

Phil about 925-781-9022

You have won $500 worth free travel vouchers from Costco! Fake Costco member offers! Beware! This has nothing to do with Costco. You could get scammed into paying for a bogus travel package!

Walters about 757-772-6592

The caller said I won money from American Dream Foundation. Asked me to pay taxes $7500 to receive 750,000 prize money! Told him to ply his stupid trick elsewhere!

Cheche about 951-267-9698

Left voicemail informing me about suspension of my social security account since it has been "compromised" (Hmmm...) You dont get voicemails from the SSA! And that too without identifying me by my name!

Joel about 757-474-0692

The caller said there was a subpoena against my name based on a civil complaint and that I need to call or have "your lawyer" call them! As if we retain lawyers whole year round! Nasty scare tactic indeed!

Arlene about Student Loans of America 866-230-0121

The female said her name was Betty Thompson! But she had a fake accent and was certainly an alien or an illegal immigrant trying to scam you

Bad Scam about 406-686-1817

This is my favorite scam robo-call. The bad grammar in the robo-call makes me laugh every time. So much a non-english speaker who just used a translation engine and then make a robo phrase out of it. I just want to have them keep calling so I can get a good laugh every time. Who would believe this was real. No gov't employee calls it your "social" over a phone line. duhhhh

Jake about 8558903239

Fake Directv marketer. Offers 50% discount on future bills if we send him 5 months advance! Cool scam!

Jarred about Officer Catherine Richardson

Left voice mail posing as a. FBI employee. Attempts to scare you to extort money

Beena v about 9489191900

Telephone harassment. Nusiance maker

Albert about 8885438393

This is linked to mightyvods scam...

badAreby about rewardgifts.info

cash loans no credit check military student loans 1000 payday loans military financial loans

Anne about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Officer James Morrison. From various 613 (area code) numbers. I have blocked several of them. They keep calling.

scammers about Mighty Vidz

they are like barely high school & college kids who just started the scam and didn't aware or don't have any of knowledge of credit card and how chargebacks work. i think they are pretty fcked now.

Henry about Internet Security Alert! Code: 055BCCAC9

I suppose to have borrowed money and now plan to sue for loan.

YAKUZA about 085272062017


Bhavana about bhavanagaba76@gmail.com

Your RC: SGNR00116392 has been issued April month ration for the total Rs.113 i.e. Rice:15 kgs(free),Wheat:6 kgs(free),Ragi:0 kgs(free),Jowar:0 kgs(free),Sugar:0kg(Rs.15),Poil:0ltr(Rs.25),Salt:0kg(Rs.2),Dal:kg(Rs.38) NIMMA RC SGNR00116392 GE May-18 Ralli 21KG AKKI, 1KG TOGARI BELE, HANCHIKE MADALAAGIDE.NEEVU Rs.38.00/-MAATRA NEEDUVUDU these are the messages coming from april2018

kalpana about +919816970367


Srini about 7840817267

Many missed cals

Ghh about 456

Tex send

Aman about 7431998188

Received a call from+91743199818 and msg from HPSNADEL
"DEAR customer,Congratulations your booking order is very lucky for luckydraw contest and you have won 1st prize TATA SAFARI (RS-12,50,000) I hope you have always shop with Snapdeal .COM for registration send aadhar number and pan number details CONTACT US 7431998188. Thanks ." and he have my latest purchase information from snapdeal

Abhishek about +919631830114

Received a call from+919631830114 and msg from HPSNADEL
"DEAR customer,Congratulations your booking order is very lucky for luckydraw contest and you have won 1st prize TATA SAFARI (RS-12,50,000) I hope you have always shop with Snapdeal .COM The registration service charges-6500 details please CONTACT US +919931138718 ,180030020155 Thanks ." and he have my latest purchase information from snapdeal.

Nasir sk about 8001150158

Kanutia, Birbhum ,731213

Lisif about 18885438393

Unsolicited message uses my entire name and says

Lauren about Isnt this your friend?!

Got a fake message with phishing link from 650-309-4706. It says "Isn't this your friend?! on a youtube link.

Gayld about gaylerozelman@gmail.com

Received fraudulent check from your address. Why screw with a sick, elderly lady.

Giga about 33222

Got this message multiple times! "Buy Gold below market prices. Protect your assets against stock market. Reply YES to be sent private pricing. Plus Free Book Benefit of Gold!!"

Jane Nel about 844-455-8243

HealthIns: Jane, IMPORTANT - Please Call Regarding Your Medicare Coverage to Avoid Penalties. Call 844-455-8243 or text STOP.
Mon 5:00 PM

Kishore about Rs 97520 Tax Payment was Deducted

I got email "Rs 97,520 Tax Payment was Deducted From Your Account" It came from Income Tax Dept .

Dear Sir,

Your Tax payment was successful. Rs 97,520 has been deducted from your
Net banking Account. Kindly download and view your receipt below
attached to this email.

Admin, Income Tax dept.

There is an attachment which I think is VIRUS. Take care!

Velsingh about Velsinghvaskela18548 @gmail.com

Velsingh vaskela ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??

Locke about svcust4u.com 18554560228

Svcust4u.com 18554560228 is a scam. I got this charge amounting to $48. No idea what Svcust4u.com is.

Regis about Audible adbl.co/bil US

I have been charged &15.98 twice though I haven't ordered any Audible product. Audible adbl.co/bil US. This is certainly a scam.

Polly about Pegasus Virus

Message on my phone screen says my iOS account is infected with Pegasus Virus! And I need to call Apple Support to block my images and data from being stolen. The number shown was : 844-444-4163

JamesW about 844-308-9011

Fake "Apple Support" Saying my iPad is hacked! Middle eastern voice. Possible a woman from India... Beware! Scam

Kathy about WCmonBudgetsaver

What is this charge? WCmonBudgetsaver? I find this on my card and they are stealing small amounts regularly.

Srinivas about 6203042916

I got call from this number as calling from State Bank of India, when I ask which bank started scolding me.


News & Updates

FCC's stand on unwanted text messages

It’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial email messages to wireless devices. The messages may promise free gifts or cheap services. Scam artists posing as Govt agencies could send messages threatening action unless money is paid. Spam texts can contain phishing links designed to steal personal info or may infect user's phone.

2017-11-19 00:55:13

Millions lost each year - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, citizens lose millions of dollars, each year, by responding fraudulent text messages. Scammers use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing personal or financial information

2017-11-18 22:40:22

In Australia, ACMA handles actions on spam SMS messages

Report spam SMS to ACMA by forwarding to 0429 999 888. If you have a grievance about a specific SMS message, submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180.

2017-11-18 22:27:50

Stopping Spam SMS Messages - UK

Organizations must only send marketing text messages to individuals, if they have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship. Forward spam SMS messages to 7726 for the network operator to act.

2017-11-18 22:03:32


What are the popular SMS/Text Message Scams?

Spam texts (SMS Messages) are sent by computers, bots or apps programmed to spit out hundreds of messages every minute. Scammers expect only a very small percentage of recipients to respond. To increase the chance of successful hits, scammers flood mobile phone networks with millions of messages. Their ultimate aim is financial gain by defrauding unwary recipients who respond assuming that the spam text message they received is legit. Report at Myrmillo.com.

It's important for you to be aware of various types of SMS scams and hence be guarded.

Lottery / Sweepstakes Spam Texts

The fraud business of making money by sending spam SMS commenced with "lottery winner" scam! It's wide spread across the globe. Unwary recipients are amazed to hear they have been "randomly" selected to win a large prize. Scammers use names of well known corporations including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft to make the text appear legit. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Bank Account or Credit / Debit Card Suspension

Text message disguised to make it appear as if sent by your bank or your credit card service provider could make the recipient call back or click a phishing link, all designed to steal account credentials. Deceived users panic when they are alerted by unauthorized debits. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Fake Loan Spam Texts

Scammers send bogus messages informing users that their loan application is approved and to get back to them, to receive funds in their bank accounts. The deceived user ends up making an advance fee payment for a loan which never existed. Dubious websites collect loan applications and pass on the phone numbers of unsuspecting customers to criminal networks, for a fee. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Bogus Debt Collection Spam Texts

Fake debt collectors and bogus law firms, send out messages about unpaid debts. Same message is sent to thousands of people, at the same time! Someone who may have defaulted on a loan could get scammed into believing that the message, is in fact, from his creditor and end up paying money which does nothing, to reduce his debt. Report at Myrmillo.com.

IRS, HMRC Tax Demand Scam

In US, Canada and the UK, messages demanding tax payments are a major source of fraud. The messages are largely sent out by scam operators in foreign countries who have local agents to collect "tax" from panicking tax payers. Once a tax payer reverts, the fake tax agents threaten arrest & to freeze bank accounts. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Free Grant Money Spam Texts

Like tax fraud, grant money texts also originate largely from foreign shores. Scammers assures victims that they were selected by the Government due to their clean criminal record and for not being bankrupt!! You would wonder how anyone could fall for such stupid scam! But according to the FTC, every year, citizens collectively lose millions of dollars, in this scam. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Unauthorized Charges

People complain of receiving sudden alerts from their banks or credit card providers about debit of money (usually in small denominations, under $100) which they had not spent or authorized. The unauthorized charges are often result of a preceding phishing scam where the user would have unknowingly shared his banking info with scammers. Report at Myrmillo.com.

What About Myrmillo?

Professional fighters in ancient Rome, equipped with specified weapons and armour were called gladiators. Myrmillos or Murmillos were a type of gladiators easily identified by the helmet they wore with a stylized fish on the crest. Their primary weapon was sword and they carried a large, rectangular body shield. Their left legs were protected by metal greaves and arms by leather shields. They were fierce fighters. Myrmillos.com is here to protect you from spam, fraud and cyber crimes!

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