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In mid 2019 we visited Pisa, Italy. Some months later we received a ticket in the mail for a car we had rented and the date we had visited. The violation being in-order with our records, we paid the ticket.

In late 2020, we received a letter from Kehoe Financial Group which apparently has multiple reported addresses including 463 Livingston Street suite 102-154, Norwood NJ (per recent notice dated Dec 14th 2020) and 190 Moore St., Ste. 203 Hackensack, NJ (per the Better Business Bureau), herein after referred to as KFG. The letter from KFG was detailed but critically flawed as to any chance of legitimacy, per the following details. All parties experiencing similar notifications are encouraged to report the associated details.

The so-called 'Ticket Date' on the KFG message is from mid-December 2020. The reported "Protocol #" and "License Plate #" in the header of the KFG message (under the heading "RE: MUNICIPALITY F PISA") match those of the 2019 ticket we already paid. Obviously this is not possible, since we have not traveled overseas since mid 2019, more than half a year before the pandemic. But the KFG-reported numbers and language matching an actual fully processed and remitted non-moving traffic violation are quite telling as to intent of KFG.

The KFG notice continues with a bold-font, all-caps, underlined "NOTIFICATION OF TRAFFIC VIOLATION FINE" and reports "You owe and amount of...", with a value in U.S. Dollars roughly between 2 and 3 times the previously remitted 2019 violation, depending on the currency exchange rate between the US dollar and the Euro.

The KFG message, however, contains no reported value in Euro reported from the municipality of Pisa, Italy. The language and presentation of the KFG message are very stern and clearly state that money is owed, implying a new violation more that 1.5 years after our trip, but from the same License Plate number and 'Protocol #'.

This is apparently an attempt to dupe unsuspecting former travelers who may not clearly remember making earlier payment of a violation (per the extended period between real vs. KFG-reported violation), or who may decide that since they obviously can afford overseas tourism, it may just be better to make the payment to clear up the matter and simply 'avoid any hassle'. In the perpetration of mail fraud or wire fraud, these types of trick are common practice by the fraudster to increase the chances of 'buy-in' on the part of the victim or the 'mark'.

It would seem that either Mr. Matthew Prolifrone or Ms. Kimberly Adamo or both of the reported principles (per BBB) either have connections to someone with access to municipal records of Pisa, or are securing this information from the public records of that town if available, or are securing information from rental car records from Pisa or another regional airport serving international travelers and renting cars to same. It seems clear that these two individuals are fraudsters.

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They created a fake bank check and stole $1300 out of my business bank account. I still don’t know how they got the account number.

Marlin about Kehoe Financial Group


They called my work and threatened to have my wages garnished. I told them it should be a matter of mistaken identity since I haven't taken any loan from them. Without any proof or paperwork they called again after a week. Highly aggravating.....

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