Bank Account Fraud

Mark about 1-410-200-506

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SUBJ:Info CustomerIDZ1249
MSG:@MobPNC : There is a HOLD on your Account with us. Review your
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account info; http://0xb64a044a/?Online,PNC,COM=ACTION8. Regards . (End)

Above is the message I received.

melo0031 about IMO. Lets Video Chat on imo spam


Becca about

Now into the pet scam business. This guy will send you a bogus cashier's check for his purchase including the $$ for his arranged shippers. He will ask you to pay the shippers via MoneyGram. You will be dumb enough to do it. His fake check will bounce. You will lose your money. if you manage to not to lose all of it he will threaten you via continuous messages, etc. Moneygram names = Andrew Gregory and Gregory Smith (Pittsburgh PA). Additional email

Kim Burr about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I didn't authorize this amount coming out of my account!!!!
I want it put back in!!!! Period!!!!!
I'm notifying my bank!!!!!

Julia about Kehoe Financial Group

They created a fake bank check and stole $1300 out of my business bank account. I still don’t know how they got the account number.

ThomaS about 68829

Got a message saying funds will be removed from my bank account! and gave a link to click. I tested that link and its a dangerous virus infected page! BEWARE! Here is the message "Your funds (8500.25 GBP) will be removed unless you access your account within 24 hours:"

Gayld about

Received fraudulent check from your address. Why screw with a sick, elderly lady.

Azhaguve about VK-RBISAY

Dear sir,
My name is Azhaguvel, I'm 14th July recharge airtel unlimited back 448 rupees apply via airtelapp 9629833537 this is mobile number. Money sent from my net banking reference OTHPG819511333822, OTHPG819511997471. two time detected amount. Until now notyet rebund. So many time I called they said. 10 days. Till now i didn't get money. Please arranged me sir.

Srinivas about 6203042916

I got call from this number as calling from State Bank of India, when I ask which bank started scolding me.

Lori Pac about

I got an unsubscribe message every time I enter an Angel Rodriguez from Chelan Wa. Works at crunch oak in Cashmere Wa. I get this to my mail to message he owes me money.

Kelly about

I woke up check my bank account and these people took my money out 39.90 not cool at all

mary about 1-410-200-506

Notice saying my bank account will be closed Alert*****

Henrik about HQE*PAID-ME.COM

They have stolen 1495 swedish crowns from me

Cork about BNZ Tax Refund mobile

Got this fake BNZ message! "Dear BNZ Customer, You have received a tax refund Mobile Banking Login: http: //mobile"

Vincent about

Found an unauthorized debit on my bank account. Not cool.

Guleid about HQE*PAID-ME.COM

they took 1750 kr from me

Princess about

Hello my name is princess monteagudo lapus i have been scammed by last night and i found out that they took out 39.09 dollars out my account with out permission i would really want my refunds back because this is ridiculously dumb sorry but it is stop touching my account

Victoria about Chase Bank Online

9472825944 called stating my Chase Debit card is locked. How did I come to own a Chase Debit card?! This beats me!!


SCAM Alert supposedly from Wells Fargo: "$650 was just withdrawn from your bank account, did you do it? If not, call (650) 443-5306" Don't call that number!

Lionel about Chase Bank Online

From Chase Bank: Your password has been disabled since someone tried to access your account thrice. To enable your account, please sign on and follow the instructions.

Sign in at Chase Bank Online (link to a page which has a marked resemblance to the chase bank website!)

Wayne about Chase Bank Online

Phishing message!

From: Chase Bank Online

Dear Customer

Due to a recent security update to our Internet Banking Server, we require you to verify your account information.

Download the attached form and fill in all the information and submit

Your account is placed on hold until you complete the verification.


Chase Banking Security Team
JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA Member FDIC


Showed up on my billing statement. First bunch of small charges. Then two for 39.95. I'm not happy it happened to anyone else but now I know I wasn't imaging things.


News & Updates

FCC's stand on unwanted text messages

It’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial email messages to wireless devices. The messages may promise free gifts or cheap services. Scam artists posing as Govt agencies could send messages threatening action unless money is paid. Spam texts can contain phishing links designed to steal personal info or may infect user's phone.

2017-11-19 00:55:13

Millions lost each year - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, citizens lose millions of dollars, each year, by responding fraudulent text messages. Scammers use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing personal or financial information

2017-11-18 22:40:22

In Australia, ACMA handles actions on spam SMS messages

Report spam SMS to ACMA by forwarding to 0429 999 888. If you have a grievance about a specific SMS message, submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180.

2017-11-18 22:27:50

Stopping Spam SMS Messages - UK

Organizations must only send marketing text messages to individuals, if they have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship. Forward spam SMS messages to 7726 for the network operator to act.

2017-11-18 22:03:32


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