Hex about IM-TRADEO

Unlimited Zero Brokerage Trading in F&O & MCX @ 99/month.Best online Trading & Analytics tools.
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Serena about Beauty and Truth

Beauty & Truth offered a FREE trial offer on Facebook for a Face Cream. I ordered one by paying $3.5 shipping... but they subsequently charged me $59.5.

SotoM about NewZealand 2Degrees

Hey winner! Call now for free on 0037190998195 to get your 50000$ check or it will be cancelled and transferred to another winner

BrianF about info.redbull7 @ gmail.com

Your PhoneNumber won 850,000.00 in the RedBull Promotions.For claim, send an email to redbullgive@live com

Cork about BNZ Tax Refund mobile .bnz.center

Got this fake BNZ message! "Dear BNZ Customer, You have received a tax refund Mobile Banking Login: http: //mobile .bnz.center"

Curren about Active Plus Unauthorized Charge

I have been charged $68 by "Active Plus" without my knowledge or permission. I havent bought any thing called Active Plus. Dont know how this happened.

Cheyene about BANKCARD-8001 MTOT DISC

My RBC credit card has an unauthorized charge for $65.5 appearing as BANKCARD-8001 MTOT DISC. I'm trying to get this off with RBC. Any clue who these scammers are?

Maxin about Tnbill4tn.com

I find small charges on my credit card from Tnbill4tn.com. $1.98 multiple times. Dont't know who they are and why they are hitting my card.

scam sca about 8199890914


Alice about 9103872535

I too receive a similar message stating my card is temporarily blocked and I need to go to Bank of America web site.. but gave a fake phishing link

Anonym about 16135561384

Money have been sent to you, Please click and log you in your account to deposit your funds.Interac https://etransferinterac23.000webhostapp.com/

-------------------------------IP traced and the result is as under-------

Checking Domain Name

Domain Name: etransferinterac23.000webhostapp.com

Top Level Domain: COM (Commercial)

DNS Lookup

IP Address:

Geolocation: US (United States), N/A, N/A, N/A N/A - Google Maps

Reverse DNS entry: not found

IP Address Check

IP-Address from DNS Host Lookup:

Geolocation: US (United States), N/A, N/A, N/A N/A - Google Maps

% This is the RIPE Database query service.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions.
% See http://www.ripe.net/db/support/db-terms-conditions.pdf

% Information related to ' -'

% Abuse contact for ' -' is '[email protected]'

inetnum: -
netname: AWEX-CLOUD-000WEBHOST-1
country: US
admin-c: HN1858-RIPE
tech-c: HN1858-RIPE
status: LEGACY
created: 2017-02-22T13:48:36Z
last-modified: 2017-02-22T13:48:36Z
source: RIPE

person: Hostinger NOC
address: Hostinger International Ltd.
address: 61 Lordou Vyronos
address: Lumiel Building, 4th floor
address: 6023
address: Larnaca
address: CYPRUS
phone: +37064503378
e-mail: [email protected]
nic-hdl: HN1858-RIPE
mnt-by: HN19812-MNT
created: 2013-12-02T20:17:12Z
last-modified: 2016-09-29T07:03:26Z
source: RIPE

% Information related to ''

origin: AS204915
created: 2017-12-20T12:38:52Z
last-modified: 2017-12-20T12:38:52Z
source: RIPE

% This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.91.1 (HEREFORD)

Anonym about 14184902703

Amount have been sent on your account, Click the following link for deposit your funds. The deposit process will take up to 48 hours.https://etransferinterac31.000webhostapp.com/

I have traced the IP address and the webaddress and it gives me
Domain Name: etransferinterac31.000webhostapp.com

Top Level Domain: COM (Commercial)

DNS Lookup
IP Address:
Geolocation: US (United States), N/A, N/A, N/A N/A - Google Maps
person: Hostinger NOC
address: Hostinger International Ltd.
address: 61 Lordou Vyronos
address: Lumiel Building, 4th floor
address: 6023
address: Larnaca
address: CYPRUS
phone: +37064503378
e-mail: [email protected]
nic-hdl: HN1858-RIPE
mnt-by: HN19812-MNT
created: 2013-12-02T20:17:12Z
last-modified: 2016-09-29T07:03:26Z
source: RIPE

Anonym about 2899195477

Amount have been sent on your account, Click the following link for deposit your funds. The deposit process will take up to 48 hours.https://etransferinterac31.000webhostapp.com/

I have traced the IP address and the webaddress and it gives me
Domain Name: etransferinterac31.000webhostapp.com

Top Level Domain: COM (Commercial)

DNS Lookup
IP Address:
Geolocation: US (United States), N/A, N/A, N/A N/A - Google Maps
person: Hostinger NOC
address: Hostinger International Ltd.
address: 61 Lordou Vyronos
address: Lumiel Building, 4th floor
address: 6023
address: Larnaca
address: CYPRUS
phone: +37064503378
e-mail: [email protected]
nic-hdl: HN1858-RIPE
mnt-by: HN19812-MNT
created: 2013-12-02T20:17:12Z
last-modified: 2016-09-29T07:03:26Z
source: RIPE

Nike about BT Technical Support

The caller said he is with the BT Tech Department and that my router and computer is damaged by virus. I need to let the caller (BT???) access my computer and resolve the issue. SCAM , SCAM SCAM!!

Larry about BTC-Trader

You have (1) BitCoin in your account. Confirm your account here. There was a bit.ly link to click

Got message "AmountReceived-1.5BTC" and a link to Coinbase!! SCAM! You don't receive bitcoins out of the blue!

Gary about DESKTOP-LKO http://dmchallenger.com

Got message saying I have 23 bit coins from Coinbase! "Amount received 23 bitcoinAmount received 23 bitcoin http://dmchallenger.com/s/baBiOT%20(coinbase)/s/baBiOT(coinbase)"

Benjamin about 4045870172

I keep getting money taking off my debit card everyday and I want this company to stop doing it because this is an inconvenience. Please cancel my subscription.

Same here on the $39.90. I called them saying I didn't authorized this and wanted my refund. The lady I talked to said said they don't do refunds. So I said you guys are scammers and to see how bad they are on the internet. I enclosed that conversation of me saying " boy, you guys are going to be sued"

John about 6312453002

Hey i keep getting phone call about my cars insurance constantly from the same couple and when asked to speak to a manager about the spam calls they hang up i know they call and harasse others and they call me almost everyday with this the number of the scam artiest is 631-245-3002 and when i call back almost everytime either they answer claiming they are someone else and doesnt know whats going on i reported it to the police and field a report but they dont stop so maybe there something i can get out to let people know

Sharon G about Star Financial Incorporated

Same as above I received a letter & a check regarding that I won a lottery. I knew it was a scam!

Julian about 19036090687

Standard payday loan offer nonsense

Shelley about 1410200500 From Cole Sargent

FRM:Mick MSG: #nffCCx http://bit.ly/2A7jmt9 with a completely blue color

Got this text today from someone I don't know:

I am Gen. Diana. I would like to discuss with you privately. I can be reached on my private email. [email protected]

shilo St about Clickyourscore.com 1-866-334-0735

Need to stop money transfer from my account... Need my money back now

Walle about 100 Police Place, Greensboro, N.C

This is information for the general public: @ the Guilford County Courthouse you will find me and apparently rich whites, or so the city claimed they were; after Greensboro police trailed me all the way to Catawba County, my phone was spammed to no end, as well as my email; nearly the entire Greensboro Police Department is corrupt; get your degree and get out of there aw

Rosalie about 661-771-6451

It said it would garnish my wages and put a block on drivers license from Speedy Cash.

Alwyn about Breast Cancer Charity Scam

caller - 3022572241 is seeking donation for a breast cancer charity. She couldn't give an accurate physical address! So there goes the charity!

Bren about 6188034373

Free Cruise? Really?! Don't fall for this. They are looking to get money out of the unwary by offering a free cruise which need to be "booked immediately" or the offer would go to someone else! And you need to pay something like $120 as port tax

Victoria about Chase Bank Online

9472825944 called stating my Chase Debit card is locked. How did I come to own a Chase Debit card?! This beats me!!

Barabara about 6133912600

CRA? I too have received a similar call threatening to send RCMP if I don't send them tax money!!!

Indiana about 8324877411 IRS SCAM

Got a crappy voice mail that my "vehicle property" is under investigation by the IRS and that I must call before they issue an arrest warrant.
Not how the system works. Not real. And i don't currently own a vehicle.

gd about 310-409-9177

Dear Customer,
Your Lost Phone Was Found.
View Location Of Your Phone At

[url goes to a fake icloud sign in page]
[received once today and once yesterday]

Shane about 6122950116 WELLS FARGO VISA DEBIT CARD

Got a message from "Wells Fargo" stating my Visa Debit card is locked. I did panic as one ought to be. But instead of calling this number I accessed my bank online and found everything perfect! I called WF and let them know of the fraud taking place under their name

GeorgeS about 6198079670 Payday Loan Scam

He is imploring me to receive a loan from his dubious company with no credit check! Funny indeed! I'm not looking for a loan and neither am I interested in talking to loan scammers!

Jeje about 9475178589 IRS SCAM CALL

Someone has left a threatening voicemail asking to call 9475178589 or be punished by the IRS. There seem to be serious issues and I could face jail time!! :)

DutchMan about 01275250664

Not a British guy by the accent. Probably an Asian. Said my phone number would be out of the Telephone Preference Service unless I updated my info. Said I would get spam calls if I don't update. Told him his call sounds very much like a spam one!

Chuck about 001800786786

I missed the call. Looked at the number before calling back. It's odd! 001800786786? Must be an international number. Had a bad experience earlier, inadvertently calling back an unknown number. Resulted in £1.5 loss while waiting for someone to talk!

SajeevK about Akash Kumar wants you to join Unocoin

Akash Kumar Tater wants you to join Unocoin.com.

I don't know any Akash Kumar. But received this message today. Hello,
You have got a warm invite from Akash Kumar Tater to register on Unocoin.com - A Simple, Safe and Secure Way of Buying, Selling and Storing Bitcoins in India.

Please click this link to register
https://www.unocoin.com/?referrer=74079035-c535-4caa-a22e-7013d7d89c67&emailid= my email id

Nike about Government Grant

6465987510 called to congratulate me for winning a grant from the US Government. All of $7,000.00 Said I was selected because I was a good citizen.... and lot of other BS! The voice has a thick foreign accent

AlberT about 8322611505

Forward Movement recovery is threatening to send officers to arrest me, quoting a 10 year old debt which I'm certain does not exist! They are calling repeatedly making totally fake claims. Beware! FRAUD

Anand about Just Invited You to Hike

This is about Hike App Spam SMS. I'm getting multiple messages from different numbers. Reads like this "Just invited to Hike. Join in 24 hours and get Rs.51 for free in your wallet. I will get Rs.51 too. Download now. http://go-hike.in/a/akYA9xez"

They are spamming people who are not interested in their offer!

Celine about 9196911323 Home Security System Spam

Robocall. Female voice selling Home Security System. There is no opt out. It's illegal to make robocalls when one has not give specific assent to receive them

Nancy R about Cruise Scam

Shadow 99 FM - Bahamas Cruise Free! Fake offer. You are directed to a web page to pay. Will end up losing money and may be even lose your credit card info!


Altus Advice is harassing me to claim accident insurance money. They don't let go even after telling them they found the wrong person. Never owned a car!


SCAM Alert supposedly from Wells Fargo: "$650 was just withdrawn from your bank account, did you do it? If not, call (650) 443-5306" Don't call that number!

KSmith about 8559127830

FRM: [email protected] MSG: (Wells argo Bank): Account disabled. Call us now at (855) 912-7830

Jay01 about 2034091561

Text message approving my loan. Heck! Never applied for one! Total scam! They might get you to pay an advance for a loan which would never materialize

Brett about 6627013781

Recording asking to call back about a serious issue with my taxes. I could face lawsuit by the IRS if I don't call them back!

Giga about 02038089899

I was browsing and suddenly this flashy popup came with blinking message alerting about virus. And an audio played stating Microsoft has detected a dangerous virus and I need to call 02038089899 for help to remove it. I didn't call the. Had to force shut down and rebooted in safe mode, scanned and found nothing!

Harry about 01515282611

Calling from Haven Power he says and to pay a bill because I'm back on it! Well, I don't even have any relation with Haven Power! I told him so and he said sorry and hung up. I would advise people to be careful.. he may be looking around for people who are with Haven (calling at random) only to scam them

Lavelle about 4152516729

Megan Smith (?) ..quite unlikely considering the thick accent! And she works at IRS? Wow! Some third world scam recording trying to extort money

Craig about 8885416804 Windows License Expired

9472226666 - Same computer license scam stuff but the phone number was different

Redd about 6136048705

Steven Wright left message saying he is with the CRA and and I would soon face a lawsuit by it if I failed to call. Says it's "time sensitive" (sic) and failure to "remedy the situation" will cause my arrest and jail time.... SCAM!!

JamesH about Car Wrap Scam

Asking to call 1-602-753-8693 to have my car wrapped in Redbull Ad and receive $300 weekly pay. Is this legit??

Phelps about THEBUDADAM g.co/helppay#

I'm being charged small amounts by unknown entities. The latest one reads *TheBudAdam g.co/helppay# . I'm at my wit's end unable to figure out what these charges are...

Hill about IRS SCAM

5853600258 - IRS scam phone number. Threatened to have me arrested by the law enforcement

Mitch about 8552975597

Mark Wallace called us and threatened to report us to the state Attorney General for scamming a loan company!! WOW! We are not short on any debt payment. Told him to send proof he said they had sent by mail and we must have scammed them by giving a wrong address! I asked him to repeat the address that he has on file. ...that was all! He hung up abruptly!!! WHAT A SCAM!! Beware!

Germain about 18886394788

FAKE MICRODSOFT PREMIUM SUPPORT. Got a message saying it’s Microsoft Premium Support and they would like to help me out with a serious issue in my software. They sounded foreign and hence certainly a scam. Take care!!

Text message providing link to read more about legal charges against my name. Demands that I contact them and “settle” cash owed to some company I have never heard of. Reads like one of those poorly drafted Nigerian scams. Attorney Roger Miller! FO! And the email ID given is [email protected]

Andy about 6012288734

CHASE BANK? Message says it's chase bank and my VISA card is blocked. Need to click #1 and talk to them to reactivate. I suspect this is an attempt to steal your credit card information


I received this message with a phishing link from "Security Department, Verizon Online"

Your Verizon online account preferences were changed by someone else.
"We have Disabled most of the accessible features of your account. You have to login from your device in order to reactivate your online functions again" Followed by a link to Login. The page looked almost a replica of Verizon!

Morsely about 8594742193 IRS scam

Left a voice message not a text. Definitely not a native American by his accent. I felt he was looking for an immigrant to scam. Trying to scare people into sending the SOB, money

Ash about 0280058286

Asian scammer said he is calling from the Australian Tax Office. He said I need to pay some back taxes. I told him to send a letter so that I can take it to my tax advisor. He hung up!

Alwyn about 07881505286

EURO MEGA DRAW? received text message asking to contact [email protected] to claim 100,000 pounds that I supposedly won!!

Gary R about 1-888-639-4788

FAKE MICRODSOFT PREMIUM SUPPORT. Got a message saying it’s Microsoft Premium Support and they would like to help me out with a serious issue in my software. They sounded foreign and hence certainly a scam. Take care!!

HenryH about Starcashline

Starcashline (?) messaged me that I owed money for a loan that I never took out! SCAM text

We have been trying to reach you urgently. For more details reply strictly by email to : [email protected]

I'm wondering if your bike listed on Autotrader is still available and what is the firm price? Reply to my email: [email protected]

Hughes about 8884671397

The caller said Microsoft. He had a heavy accent and said my computer has virus and need fixing before it crashes. He was looking to sell a dubious annual maintenance plan

MensaC about 202-657-5770

Threatening voice mail .. the accent is foreign. Probably an Asian. He wants me to believe he is an IRS Agent! If he had talked to me instead of leaving this VM, would have told him to fu** off!

Cahill about 6137145456

Said it's from the Canadian Revenue Agency. It was a recorded voice asking me or my lawyer (as if we need have one retained, all the while!) to call back and wishes good luck! Stupid indeed!

ClaraSmi about Choice Eye Serum Free Trial

I saw the free trial ad on Facebook and ordered one. Had to give Credit card details to get the free sample. 14 day free trial from the day of order. The sample came on the 12th day .. I got back after 2 days and cancelled it..but I was still charged $99! It's a fraud to send the product so late and they don't leave you enough time to try the product and even if you cancel on the last day you get billed? SCAM!

MannyP about 88080 Play2Win

Said I have been entered in a pl;ay to win contest and swindled money from me


Your ANZ Credit Card has been deactivated. Please login now to resolve the situation:
http ://bit.ly/ANZ_Internet_Banking

Jess about ARRA Grant

You have been approved of a $8900 Economic Stimulus Package under ARRA Government program


Your entry into our contest has made you a winner! To claim your prize go to www.apple.com.textwon.com within 24 hours!

Wally about SMS8.ORG

Unsure if you qualify for a PPI refund on a loan? Reply PPI and we will run a no obligation check


The call was about the money which was lying unclaimed with the Government because I forgot to file a PPI refund claim. I started grilling him.. his whereabouts, company and how they obtained my number, the guy gave up abruptly! SCAM!!

TWade about FastCash.org

Fraud. Fastcash.org promised a $3000 loan took $100 and has not send me money. Instead the ass*** is asking to send more quoting complete bulls***. This is crazy!It beats me how these nasties get to do their fu**** business?

Alf about HMRC Lawsuit

Wish to report call from 07537129298. A woman with thick accented voice said it's HMRC and I need to call them about my tax file. When I demanded to know what was there in my tax file. She said it's about "under payment" and I could be in grave trouble if they don't get my call!!

Dave about 018008526890

Talk Talk! An Asian guy called me today, supposedly from the technical department. He need to tinker with my broadband because my internet router is infected with virus. I told the guy he called the wrong man! I have a BT router!

PiP about IRS Tax Demand

Text received from someone posing as an IRS agent. Demanded that I send $12500 or he will send cops! B**** Sh**!

Kane about mobile.bnz.center

Dear BNZ Customer, You have received a tax refund MobileBanking Login: http://mobile .bnz.center

CaraB about US Grant Department

US Grant Department (sic) wants $250 dollars before they can send a grant of 7000 dollars which I don’t have to pay back!! Sounds funny!!!!


Charged me $59.5 even though I cancelled the subscription before the trial period expired. This is a rip off. Beware

Faith about FACEBK

I have noticed 2 recent transactions on my credit card without authorization. Looks like Facebook Ad charges? But I don’t advertise on FB.

15/11/2017 FACEBK KMEF4EJV22 fb.me/ads IE 95.00 USD

12/11/2017 FACEBK*7TY9KD2KX2 fb.me/ads 60.00 USD

Ted about www.Shopcard2017.com

Dear WALMART Shopper, Congratulations! You have just won $1000gift card. Click here to claim your gift!

Lile about 827438

I get this all the while. "Your Target coupons are about to expire. Lost them? Text “OFFERS” to TARGET (827438) to retrieve them at anytime"

M Singh about reedglobal

Trying to unsubscribe from reedglobal recruitment website but no luck.

Angel about 877-793-7650

I keep getting calls from foreigners saying my computer has a virus and I would lose all computer data. They are pestering me to let them install some software and tell me they represent Microsoft

Greg G about 201-620-2831

HI, My name is Steve Martin, and this message is intended to contact you regarding an enforcement action executed by the United States Treasury, intending a serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid an issue appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense.
My number is 201-620-2831. I repeat - its 201-620-2831.
I advise you to call with us, and help us to help you. Thank you.


Threatening to have me arrested if I don’t send $$$$ to them! Claims it’s the IRS

I paid for shoes at omgimg.com. Received payment confirmation but no sign of shipment. No communication since then. SCAM

Anna about FREE CRUISE

Txt messages about winning free cruise for two to the Bahamas Islands. Don't know why they are targeting me! I don't have time to spare for a vacation!

Cory about SantanderAlert

SantanderAlert! Suspicious activity detected on your account. Call 08000851107

GBless about 9024028843

Got a message which appears to be from Rogers offering a refund provided I share my bank info! Yeah! Take it!

Saxon about DigitalRiver Ireland

Never heard or dealt with DigitalRiver Ireland. But I find 2 charges on my bank account. Haven't been able to get their contact details yet. My bank has agreed to block further charges from this fraud organization

Jock about iTunes

Your iTunes account is frozen because we are unable to validate your information. Validate your account now at http://ow.ly/XrbHA

Justin about 01158240616

Received 3 messages from this number confirming I have a £3000 loan approved. Most likely a scam!


News & Updates

FCC's stand on unwanted text messages

It’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial email messages to wireless devices. The messages may promise free gifts or cheap services. Scam artists posing as Govt agencies could send messages threatening action unless money is paid. Spam texts can contain phishing links designed to steal personal info or may infect user's phone.

2017-11-19 00:55:13

Millions lost each year - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, citizens lose millions of dollars, each year, by responding fraudulent text messages. Scammers use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing personal or financial information

2017-11-18 22:40:22

In Australia, ACMA handles actions on spam SMS messages

Report spam SMS to ACMA by forwarding to 0429 999 888. If you have a grievance about a specific SMS message, submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180.

2017-11-18 22:27:50

Stopping Spam SMS Messages - UK

Organizations must only send marketing text messages to individuals, if they have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship. Forward spam SMS messages to 7726 for the network operator to act.

2017-11-18 22:03:32


What are the popular SMS/Text Message Scams?

Spam texts (SMS Messages) are sent by computers, bots or apps programmed to spit out hundreds of messages every minute. Scammers expect only a very small percentage of recipients to respond. To increase the chance of successful hits, scammers flood mobile phone networks with millions of messages. Their ultimate aim is financial gain by defrauding unwary recipients who respond assuming that the spam text message they received is legit. Report at Myrmillo.com.

It's important for you to be aware of various types of SMS scams and hence be guarded.

Lottery / Sweepstakes Spam Texts

The fraud business of making money by sending spam SMS commenced with "lottery winner" scam! It's wide spread across the globe. Unwary recipients are amazed to hear they have been "randomly" selected to win a large prize. Scammers use names of well known corporations including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft to make the text appear legit. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Bank Account or Credit / Debit Card Suspension

Text message disguised to make it appear as if sent by your bank or your credit card service provider could make the recipient call back or click a phishing link, all designed to steal account credentials. Deceived users panic when they are alerted by unauthorized debits. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Fake Loan Spam Texts

Scammers send bogus messages informing users that their loan application is approved and to get back to them, to receive funds in their bank accounts. The deceived user ends up making an advance fee payment for a loan which never existed. Dubious websites collect loan applications and pass on the phone numbers of unsuspecting customers to criminal networks, for a fee. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Bogus Debt Collection Spam Texts

Fake debt collectors and bogus law firms, send out messages about unpaid debts. Same message is sent to thousands of people, at the same time! Someone who may have defaulted on a loan could get scammed into believing that the message, is in fact, from his creditor and end up paying money which does nothing, to reduce his debt. Report at Myrmillo.com.

IRS, HMRC Tax Demand Scam

In US, Canada and the UK, messages demanding tax payments are a major source of fraud. The messages are largely sent out by scam operators in foreign countries who have local agents to collect "tax" from panicking tax payers. Once a tax payer reverts, the fake tax agents threaten arrest & to freeze bank accounts. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Free Grant Money Spam Texts

Like tax fraud, grant money texts also originate largely from foreign shores. Scammers assures victims that they were selected by the Government due to their clean criminal record and for not being bankrupt!! You would wonder how anyone could fall for such stupid scam! But according to the FTC, every year, citizens collectively lose millions of dollars, in this scam. Report at Myrmillo.com.

Unauthorized Charges

People complain of receiving sudden alerts from their banks or credit card providers about debit of money (usually in small denominations, under $100) which they had not spent or authorized. The unauthorized charges are often result of a preceding phishing scam where the user would have unknowingly shared his banking info with scammers. Report at Myrmillo.com.

What About Myrmillo?

Professional fighters in ancient Rome, equipped with specified weapons and armour were called gladiators. Myrmillos or Murmillos were a type of gladiators easily identified by the helmet they wore with a stylized fish on the crest. Their primary weapon was sword and they carried a large, rectangular body shield. Their left legs were protected by metal greaves and arms by leather shields. They were fierce fighters. Myrmillos.com is here to protect you from spam, fraud and cyber crimes!

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