Tax Scam

Betsykef about 55702

Me & Polo G Teamed Up And Went CRAZY 2v2 Basketball In LA

Srini about Your TDS Payment of 70,000

I got email with a Virus link. It appears like its from the Income Tax Department. Take care! The virus will hack your computer or phone.

"Dear Tax Payer,

Your payment was successful. 70,000 INR was deducted from your Net banking Account. Your TDS Challan is attached in the link below.

Please download and save a copy of your Payment Challan below.

Income Tax Department"

Billy Wi about IRS tax scam and threat

Robotic voice informing about a tax fraud investigation against me (not named though!) Ass**** record trash and send out voicemails from spoofed numbers

Venice about 347-305-6225 IRS Tax scam

Got a voice mail with thick foreign accent warning that I could get arrested if I dont call back 347-305-6225! Sounded funny! Someone playing a dirty scam game..

Kishore about Rs 97520 Tax Payment was Deducted

I got email "Rs 97,520 Tax Payment was Deducted From Your Account" It came from Income Tax Dept .

Dear Sir,

Your Tax payment was successful. Rs 97,520 has been deducted from your
Net banking Account. Kindly download and view your receipt below
attached to this email.

Admin, Income Tax dept.

There is an attachment which I think is VIRUS. Take care!

Elise about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Man with South Asian accent calls several times claiming to be a police officer on behalf of the CRA. They go on to demand the call be returned either by yourself or your attorney, and that failure to do so will result in things "going badly for you". I believe it's a recorded message as I've received the exact same one on more than one occasion and on various phones.

Eloise about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Today's number is 587.671.1588

Eloise about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Update: Now using the name Paul Murphy, who is a real CRA employee. Using it so that people will see that name when they google it and think that the call is legitimate.

Steph about 647

My phone didnt receive a call (not in my caller display anyways), but when I listened to my new voicemail today it was a man with an indian accent claiming to be Officer James Morris and that I needed to call him back or basically face the consequences,that I cant let this go or else something bad will happen!!

Eloise about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Today's phone number of choice was 647.957.2211. The message said that I was in trouble with the government and I would need a lawyer. Good idea. I'll bring it up at tomorrow's office meeting. Everyone in this office is a lawyer, and we all work for the government.

Mike Oxm about Officer James Morrison, CRA

It's all over the internet. I got the same call, I called them back, and person answered that spoke much better english than officer Morrison. Said he was from a criminal investigations unit, so I asked him why I got the phone call, I told him some Indian guy named Officer James Morrison had left a very hard to understand heavily accented message on my phone. He Lost It!!! Best call back I've ever made. I keep calling them back but the blocked my phone. Sad day.

Will about Officer James Morrison, CRA

Same here 6139279726 “officer” James Morrison needed me to call him or I would be arrested! My first thought was there is no was this guys name is janes lol. Scam

Short about 1-410-200-506 Wells Fargo CIP Message

Message said my account is suspended and go and login at a bogus website

Joe about Officer James Morrison, CRA

A man, probably from Sri Lanka or somewhere around, bad accent, threatening to call him back or bla bla bla. SCAM
Reported already!

Barabara about 6133912600

CRA? I too have received a similar call threatening to send RCMP if I don't send them tax money!!!

Reese about 6133912600

Someone is after me posing as a Canadian Revenue Agent demanding "TAX"!! What the F*** is this?! CRA hardly ever calls! This is stupid scam!

Debbie about 8324877411 IRS SCAM

832-487-7411 is not an IRS number. But pretends to be one and the guy threatens to have FBI monitor my house and my movement! WOW! Had to call the foreign sucker a son of b**** to get him off the phone!

Lavelle about 4152516729

Megan Smith (?) ..quite unlikely considering the thick accent! And she works at IRS? Wow! Some third world scam recording trying to extort money

Redd about 6136048705

Steven Wright left message saying he is with the CRA and and I would soon face a lawsuit by it if I failed to call. Says it's "time sensitive" (sic) and failure to "remedy the situation" will cause my arrest and jail time.... SCAM!!

NatW about 2899195477

Man impersonating the Canadian Revenue Service left voice mail claiming the RCMP will be at my door if I dont send money owed to the CRA!! Complete bull! I would expect CRA to write to me if they found issues on my tax file

Cahill about 6137145456

Said it's from the Canadian Revenue Agency. It was a recorded voice asking me or my lawyer (as if we need have one retained, all the while!) to call back and wishes good luck! Stupid indeed!

Alf about HMRC Lawsuit

Wish to report call from 07537129298. A woman with thick accented voice said it's HMRC and I need to call them about my tax file. When I demanded to know what was there in my tax file. She said it's about "under payment" and I could be in grave trouble if they don't get my call!!

Greg G about 201-620-2831

HI, My name is Steve Martin, and this message is intended to contact you regarding an enforcement action executed by the United States Treasury, intending a serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid an issue appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense.
My number is 201-620-2831. I repeat - its 201-620-2831.
I advise you to call with us, and help us to help you. Thank you.


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2017-11-19 00:55:13

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