Credit Debit Card Fraud

MICHAEL about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I never received, as far as I know, a spam message, but have received unauthorized charge of $39.90 on my credit card for several months by this company. It appears on my cc statement as scrhugcom 8889835075CT. I called the company's customer service at (833) 552-0869 (from their website) and spoke with a woman who told me that other than someone trying to steal my identity, the only other way to have signed up for this monthly subscription was me signing up "by accident". She then "reviewed" my file and asked me for my home address and email address, which I negligently provided, and lo and behold, those were the home address and my email address used to sign up for their subscription, which she said, showed it wasn't someone fraudulently using my information to sign up for their subscription. I told her that I have excellent credit and have absolutely no need for their service and never would have "accidentally" signed up, and asked that all of my monthly unauthorized subscription charges be credited to my credit card. She then told me that she couldn't credit all such charges because it appeared that there was no fraud by anyone trying to sign-up using my identity and that I must have done so by accident, whereupon she tried to offer me their "service" for $5.00/month. In any event, I "cancelled" the subscription and she submitted a "refund request" for all charges and that I should get such credit or hear back within 5-7 days. While I wait, I will be contacting my state attorney general's office and reporting the company.

ROBERT about Gfw*3 Gldscr.Com

Charging me $39.90 also, reported scam with all financial institutions! CREDIT REPORT SCAM BY OUR CREDIT REPORTERS, WHATS NEXT A SQUATTING PRESIDENT!!

Scott Ma about

I need a real address and owners name for for. Immediate action.

Scott about

My wifes3 debit card was attacked last night around 3:00 am Pacific time. The amount was $59.30. I take this personally as disrespect towards my wife and myself. If you contact thsm allow them to know I'm not a person to cross.

Kevin about FRG*NFLSHOP.COM 8776357467

They billed my pre paid card but no order number

Divya about 53969

Getting string of characters !
Wonder what this means!

G about Gfw*3 Gldscr.Com

Never heard of this company and definitely never signed up for any services. They started deducting 39.90 monthly for a "subscription'. Somehow they were able to get my new credit card number even after the first charge was flagged as suspicious. I reported (again) to credit card company and luckily the company agreed it was unauthorized and refunded my account. Advise immediately calling bank if you see this company name or amount on a statement.

Angela about 410100002

Your CHASE CARD ********* services are suspended!


Yall keep trying to take money out of my account and right now I am missing money I don't know what this is or what company this is but I'm sick of it yall need to refund me my money ASAP

Ric about 55702

New Card Added! Get Cash Back or No Annual Fee while Building your Credit.

Cecilia about Nuhydrate Free Trial Offer

Same story as Jessica.Nuhydrate is a total scam using Joanna Gaines as a come on. Please don't fall for it.

Marilyn about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I received a charge of $39.50 to my credit card today. Checked previous billing statements and found the same amount charged in earlier months. Reported to the credit card company as fraud. Now have to wait for new card. Was told this number is to a dating site....??? What? I don't subscribe to that garbage. Hope to receive full refunds. So aggravated!!!

Mary about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

Ugh!!!.......I am so Confused and so Mad at I don’t know what this is or how they got my information......I am on a fixed income and the fact that I am finding out How Hard it is to get your money back (since they stoled it!!!.....I guess I won’t eat this week since it was 49.95 and my Weekly Food is 50.00 I can’t get anything for a penny......

Arco about Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

Robocall from 1-800-945-2000 offering to lower credit card rate. Press #1 to talk to an agent. SCAM! Don't share personal and card info!

Zimmerma about Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

Lower your interest rate to as low as 3% says VM left by 859-823-8552. Reported to the FCC

Delmonte about Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

920-430-0343 left recorded voice offering to lower credit card rate. Total nuisance. They use multiple numbers. Tough to block them as a whole

Kathy about WCmonBudgetsaver

What is this charge? WCmonBudgetsaver? I find this on my card and they are stealing small amounts regularly.

Jenesys about

Taking my money with out my consent out my bank account hell no that's my money and I want it back

Sylvia about

Keep texting me about $49.90, that subscription was canceled. So they won’t get no money off my debit card . I rather cancel my card before they pull off it . $1 cancellation does not suppose to turn into $ 49.90 rip off mf.

Andy about 6012288734

CHASE BANK? Message says it's chase bank and my VISA card is blocked. Need to click #1 and talk to them to reactivate. I suspect this is an attempt to steal your credit card information


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