Billing Scam

Paul about Gfw*3 Gldscr.Com

I see many people complaining about being charged by this web site. Last year I was charged by Transunion without having signed up for credit monitoring. Gldscr is ok with me. I am using it to monitor my credit score for 4 months. You need to be careful when you sign up for services like this one!!

Justin about 26435

(!)Gift card from BankOfAmerica
Amount: $1000

I have blocked them at this point, but I get some fake message every day from them about money transfers, transfers processed, random account activation, based on income advice, deposits, and apparently requests I have made.

Every single message from 26435 has a link to

Martin about

Account check
Money transfer: 08/19
Amount: in range 500 - 3025
For: Gonzalez



Cash Transfer
For amount: 2000
Complete verification process
Lender req. IBV check


Tasha about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I've getting billed 39.90 every month on the 27th, even while I was in jail. This is bull crap and I need a solution not a dumb cite that tells me to post my complaints

Val S about 1-410-200-506

FRM:CSpPLqguBq MSG:There is an ongoing issue with billing your Netflix-profile, attend:

Andrew about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I Do Not Recall Using This Company Or Even Signing Up For Anything With Them. Never Heard Of Them Yet They Have Been Charging Me $39.90 For The Past 7Months.. I’ve Reported This To Ny Bank 3 Times Already Causing Me To Have To Get A New Debit Card Each Time. Yet They Still Continue To STEAL My Money.. Any Advice On How To Get These Thieves To STOP Without Having To Open A New Account?

MALIN about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I am continuing to have $39.95 deducted monthly from my checking account. I now know this is a credit report billing scam and I'm about to report it to my bank. This sucks

Halei about 580-229-3737

I’m being billed $39.91 and I have never used this

Corkeith about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I was charge 39.90 on my card. I don’t know anything or even heard about this company.. It reads SCRHUG.COM

Elizabet about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

I would like to cancel the payments.

Tom harr about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

Keeps trying to get 39.90 out my credit card account

Kane about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

Got me too. Tell you how it happened. Applied for a loan. Ask to charge my card 1 dollar for my credit score to see if I was approved. It a recurring credit score site.

Maria about SCRHUG.COM 888-983-5075 NH

SCRHUG.COM 5968064829 0122084537 902214602035 15 1/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

yaseen about VK-KARFCS

Your RC: BLSI00137450 has been issued June month ration for the total Rs.38 i.e. Rice:15 kgs(free),Wheat:0 kgs(free),Ragi:6 kgs(free),Jowar:0 kgs(free),Sugar:0kg(Rs.15),Poil:0ltr(Rs.25),Salt:0kg(Rs.2),Dal:kg(Rs.38)

Cynthia about

This site is illegal. Luckily I ONLY got changed $1 to change card .

Img Joel about ANC*

ANC* (???) has just stolen $9.99 from my bank. Charged to my ABN AMRO Visa Card

Eric about

Got my money back from there trifling scamming self.

Quinetta about

No text messages taking money out of my account without my permission

Eric about

I found out when they ask for your phone number and can't access that invisible account that means u did cancel it out so now they need your email account in which that'll reactivate your account automatically then they'll say u never cancelled it now let's cancel for deals now, ain't that about some b.s. but if they collecting a monthly fee why are they collecting $39.99 and it's been 3 months. See right thru there scam

Saxon about DigitalRiver Ireland

Never heard or dealt with DigitalRiver Ireland. But I find 2 charges on my bank account. Haven't been able to get their contact details yet. My bank has agreed to block further charges from this fraud organization

Mex about

I signed up for a 3 day free trial at a dating site (YES, FREE TRIAL) but was charged $75 though I cancelled within 2 days. Nasty scam.


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FCC's stand on unwanted text messages

It’s illegal to send unsolicited commercial email messages to wireless devices. The messages may promise free gifts or cheap services. Scam artists posing as Govt agencies could send messages threatening action unless money is paid. Spam texts can contain phishing links designed to steal personal info or may infect user's phone.

2017-11-19 00:55:13

Millions lost each year - Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, citizens lose millions of dollars, each year, by responding fraudulent text messages. Scammers use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing personal or financial information

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In Australia, ACMA handles actions on spam SMS messages

Report spam SMS to ACMA by forwarding to 0429 999 888. If you have a grievance about a specific SMS message, submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180.

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Stopping Spam SMS Messages - UK

Organizations must only send marketing text messages to individuals, if they have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship. Forward spam SMS messages to 7726 for the network operator to act.

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